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After 1 year of franchise ownership, here is what Terry has to say...

“When my wife and I decided to purchase a franchise from Abraham, I was very apprehensive.  I was basically starting all over late in life with something completely new.  Yes, I've had dogs and thought I knew how to train them, but it was the owning my own business that was intimidating.  I don't have prior education in business, mine is in wildlife and natural resources.

My wife encouraged me, and encouraged me, until I finally agreed as I'm not a person that just jumps into things without thinking them through; I'm pretty skeptical.  Buying a franchise was something to be taken seriously and I couldn't just throw away the funds needed to start this.

It's how you prepare for those that keeps you going.  Abraham has always been quick to improve my business.  I believe Abraham shows how much the success of your business is also the success of his business in his actions. 

Abraham has not only been supportive on the business end of things, he supports me when I have behavior issues with a certain dog.  There are times when the normal training techniques don't seem to get through to a dog, or there are issues I haven't seen before.  When I have those I can rely on Abraham to confirm what I was thinking and give me other solutions to solve the issue. 

Abraham has supported me clearly and concisely in all aspects of this franchise and it has been a blessing.”