great job!

Thanks for the great job training Scout (and me). He is much easier to deal with than he was before you worked with us. I would gladly recommend you to anyone in need of training their dog. Thanks again.



I decided to enroll my 8 month old Husky mix, Diesel, in Doggy Boot Camp with Always Faithful Dog Training after having a meeting with Terry, the dog trainer. I was very nervous to send away my puppy for 14 days, but I knew he would be in good hands. Fourteen days later, Diesel came back a completely different dog. Terry did a fantastic job with his training! Diesel was so stubborn and hardheaded before that I was worried that Terry would have a hard time training him at all, but the results were definitely worth it! I know that I have to continue working every day with Diesel to make sure that all of Terry's hard work sticks, but I feel very confident in handling my dog now. I am so excited to have him back and trained. Thank you to Terry and Always Faithful Dog Training!

-Brooke H

Ares and Athena are doing very well!

I really am amazed and thankful for your help. It really got us on a better foot with these pups and we feel like we have so much more control. We still have a lot of work to do, but just wanted to let you know how we are so far,

Thanks again and I'll keep you updated!



We were fostering a dog that was labeled dog-aggressive and had been in the pound for over a year. We wanted to adopt this 2 year old pitty mix but needed help!  Jerry was amazing!  Micah did the 10 day bootcamp while we went home for Christmas.  We came back to a dog that listened when given a command and walked next to us on her leash instead of pulling our arms out of socket.  Even more importantly she now remains calm when dogs are near her, sitting and trusting us to take care of it rather than becoming defensive, growling and barking at the dog immediately.  Anytime I have a question I just call and get the help I need right away!  I Highly recommend Always Faithful, worth every penny. 



Sorry it's late but I'm so proud.  I just had a customer come over and Daenarys was slow getting to the door so I just signed for her to sit in the hallway.  She sat and my customer and I stood and talked.  Then my customer turned to Dani and started baby talking and trying to get her to come closer to her so she could pet her.  Dani stayed sitting where I told her.  I told my customer she'd have to got to her to pet her, and she did.  Dani sat through it all and just waited patiently for me to walk my customer out and then release her.  Thank you so much for teaching us how to be good pack leaders.  I'm so proud of our pups.

-Jamie S.



I rescued my 4 year old lab mix, Meredith, from a shelter when I moved to Texas a few months ago. They did not know much about her history other than it was obvious she was not very well taken care of. Despite this, she is a very sweet, loving dog. However, she was so used to being her own boss that adjusting to life in which she was no longer the boss was challenging for her, not to mention she has a bit of a stubborn streak to her. Terry spent 5 days with her at his “doggy boot camp” and when she came home she was a whole new dog. She was still just as sweet and loving, but instead of scratching the front door and barking when I left, she calmly lays in her bed or is off playing with her flamingo toy. She no longer drags me out of the front door to go on walks and instead walks calmly by my side. She has made so many behavioral improvements over just those 5 days and we will continue to work with her as she gets more used to her new environment. Terry is so supportive and answers any questions you may have via call or text and he truly understands the bond between people and their dogs. Seeing my dog’s increased confidence and decreased separation anxiety has been incredible. I would wholeheartedly recommend Terry’s services to anyone with a pup, no matter what issues or needs they may have.

-Megan S



Hi Terry! Just wanted to update you that Bruiser has been a completely different dog thanks to you! He also has a little friend now & has been amazing with him! Thank goodness we kept our patience & didn’t give up on Bruiser lol!

-Sandy & Gary

The best!

Easily the best transformation of a dog I've ever seen. Riley, a Belgium Malinois, was adapted at 6 months old and was never disciplined by previous owners so she came to the house thinking she owned it. She would snatch food from my 1 year olds hands, tear up his diapers, go through trash and even get on the counters/tables. Now she listens to us. She can go into my sons room without trying to bite his toys or diapers. She knows all the basic commands and even waits for me to walk out of any door way before she goes through. We go on walks and it's like she's not even there. Which is a big deal since I'm pregnant and really don't need to be pulling a 40 pound dog around. Best investment I've made. 


Incredible results so far...

Terry worked with my lab puppy for 6 weeks. He worked and settled and obedient trained my puppy to where I could handle her. She was very hyper and he showed me how to control her. Would recommend him to any dog owner.


LIfe Saver!

Not even a hint of aggression in spite of what was said about Ace.  Ace is your miracle.  You saved his life and ensured a good future for him.  I can't imagine a nicer dog.  You revealed the diamond that he was.  I strongly recommend you for training of the dog and owner!


Miracle Worker!

I am a volunteer with a group that works to rescue dogs that are placed at our local pound. Terry, the trainer has helped us with some of our dogs. One in particular is a young, we shall say rambunctious fellow with alot of energy. Within one week we could actually walk our boy. Terry worked a miracle with our boy.

Excellent trainer!

Terry is an incredible dog trainer. His ability to read the dog and his training methods make it easy for the owner to understand and maintain the training. I highly recommend Terry for anybody's dog training needs.